Product Screened Top Soil

Premium Soil

Premium soil is quality dark brown, rich natural soil used in most home garden development and project work. Use for, under turf or top-dressing lawns, top-up garden beds and vegetable bed applications with the correct fertiliser added.
The soil is run through a fine screening process that eliminates unwanted bigger particles as natural topsoil with no filler materials added.

The quality base blend will need a suitable soil conditioner for the best results as a premium blended soil.

Typical uses

Some typical uses of using Premium Garden Soil

  • Base Blend for Premium Blends
  • New Garden Beds
  • Areas affected by soil erosion
  • Levelling low spots in the lawn


Some benefits of using Premium Garden Soil

  • Ideal for most forms of home gardening – Lawns, Garden Beds.
  • Add Soil Conditioner and Moisture Balancer to boost its performance.

Recycled concrete is up to 20% lighter than quarried material ...more product for less cost.