Product CBR80 MR 2.1
MR 2.1

CBR80 (MR 2.1)

CBR 80 is a type 2.1 (20mm minus) roadbase, finely graded recycled concrete product consisting of crushed concrete and natural stone. It is highly compactable material used as a base layer in new road construction, car parks developments and under-slab preparations where highly compactable materials have been specified.

It is also ideal for road construction, driveways, car parks, hardstands, backfill and pipe bedding, and base layer for large pavement and high-traffic areas. Roadbase MR 2.1 is made from recycled concrete and is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to virgin quarry material.

Typical uses

Some typical uses of using CBR80 MR 2.1 Recycled Concrete Roadbase

  • New road construction road base
  • Hard stand & car park construction
  • Driveway sub-base
  • Under concrete slab preparations


Some benefits of using CBR80 MR 2.1 Recycled Concrete Roadbase

  • Sustainable alternative to virgin quarry products
  • Greater stability and longevity of pavements
  • Highly compactable
  • Withstands high-traffic areas

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