Product CBR15 MR 2.5
MR 2.5

CBR15 (MR 2.5)

CBR15 Roadbase is a type 2.5 grade 20mm recycled concrete product that, when compacted, is ideal for under-slab applications, is widely used as a subgrade or sub-base in road construction, and filling of large voids where engineered compaction requirements may be necessary.
MR 2.5 Recycled Concrete Roadbase is a cost-effective dense sub-surface blend of materials containing crushed Concrete, brick, rock fragments, and asphalt. When compacted is ideal for hardstand areas that require stability and structure.

Typical uses

Some typical uses of using CBR15 MR 2.5 Recycled Concrete Roadbase

  • Pavement Construction Subgrade
  • Road Construction
  • Select Structural Fill
  • Under-slab applications


Some benefits of using CBR15 MR 2.5 Recycled Concrete Roadbase

  • Lighter than virgin quarried material
  • Greater stability and longevity of structures
  • Highly compactable
  • Withstands moisture and wet areas

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