Product 75mm Recycled Concrete Drainage Aggregate

75mm Recycled Concrete Aggregate

75mm Recycled Concrete Aggregate is manufactured from Recycled Concrete and occasionally rock, crushed and screened to a 75mm size. Perfect for drainage and filter applications.
75mm Recycled Concrete is a standard Aggregate used in civil construction, commercial developments, and residential applications. 

These include drainage, pipe bedding, backfilling retaining walls, trenches, roads and pathways, rubble pits, and other applications requiring extensive drainage in areas with heavy water flow.

Typical uses

Some typical uses of using 75mm Recycled Concrete

  • Site access crossovers
  • Drainage layer or Bridging layer
  • Drainage filter for retaining wall
  • Truck Wheel Cleaning
  • Access Driveways


Some benefits of using 75mm Recycled Concrete

  • Excellent drainage and filter material
  • Lighter, cheaper alternative to gravel
  • Perfect for backfilling retaining walls and trenches
  • Reduction of waste in landfill

Recycled concrete is up to 20% lighter than quarried material ...more product for less cost.